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Directories Philippines Corporation

Directories Philippines Corporation is the company that stands for the Yellow Pages (YP) brand and formally markets YP products and services in the Philippines. Initially an Asian groundbreaker and prevailing leader in telephone directories publishing in the country, DPC has transformed into a marketing partner of small and medium businesses today. The company modifies YP marketing solutions for SME’s utilizing a collection of online, mobile and print products, together with a host of value-added services.

The individuals at Directories Philippines Corporation has an extra mile to make their YP products and services achieve the requirements of ready buyers across the country. In addition to this, the company is in constant search for individuals with new skills, oozing with energy, desire and imagination.

The company remains to enhance its offered solutions by means of competitive product enhancement and tactical partnership. Distinguishing its proficiency with small and medium businesses, Goodgle has already identified Directories Philippines Corporation as its Adwords Premier SME Partner. This means the company is capable of extending the scope of its YP advertisers through running Google Adwords accounts for them.

Why Work at the Directories Philippines Corporation
Directories Philippines Corporation works n content syndication with Yahoo! and tying up with sites like Zalora and Agoda for e-Commerce. Being an identified brand across the globe, YP trasforms with technology and the company’s determination to attract customers increases even more. If you are someone who is always up for a challenge, then you might be the one that the company is looking for. Directories Philippines Corporation is in constant search for people who are driven by passion and are ready to take everything to the next level.

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