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Disadvantages of Working in Call Center

Being a call center agent does have a lot of advantages. If you already are one, you might be enjoying all of these benefits for a long a time now. However, just like other regular jobs out there, working in a call center also has its disadvantages. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of working in a call center.

The salary is high, but you have to work on shifting schedule, weekends and holidays. Yes, call center agents are paid as twice as high compared to the salary of regular workers, who receive minimum wage as mandated by law. Thus, these call center agents are also expected to go to work whenever necessary, and that means if the call volume is so high. They are required to report for work on weekends and even on declared holidays.

Little quality time for family and friends. Since the job requires you to report for work on weekends and holidays, there would be little time left to bond with your friends and family. Although, there are a lot of single moms working in the call center. So if you are a family person, this might get challenging for you.

The job can be stressful. There is no job existing that isn’t tiring, and this is very true. Sitting, taking calls and speaking with customers might sound so simple, but it can be too stressful. You have to deal with each customer as patiently as possible – even if your customer is irate, screaming or very, very talkative. You have to deal with them in the way that would not sacrifice the quality of the call and customer service. That takes a lot of energy to do.

Your health is always at stake. Lack of sleep is the number one enemy of call center agents. This is most especially true for those who are constantly on the graveyard shift. Add the fact that smoking and too much caffeine intake are very common with them. This jeopardizes your health big time, as well as the fast foods and convenience store foods that are only available during the middle of the night for your midnight lunch.

Working in call center can be fun, despite these disadvantages. All you have to master is the time management and consciousness when it comes to health. When you are finally able to manage them , then everything’s going to fall into place.

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