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Diversify BPO

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Aim High, Fly Straight, Intelligent staffing solutions. Diversify BPO is an Australian owned BPO firm that provides offshoring solutions, the business of using an offshore service provider to help recruit, engage and manage offshore white collar staff for the benefit of your business, to companies especially in Australia and New Zealand. Diversify BPO Philippines helps Australian companies reduce their cost and achieve quality operational services and provide professional work opportunities to competitive labor market in the Philippines. The company uniquely possess a deep understanding of both the needs of Australian companies and the labor market in the Philippines in order the full potential of both client’s offshore operations and the full potential of employees.

Diversify BPO makes offshore outsourcing more sensible and easier. Through its offshoring services, companies can save up to 80% on the total cost of setting up a new staffing team, get the edge over competitors by strategically expanding business, increasing profitability and enhancing service delivery, can be part of biggest companies around the world, who uses offshoring such as like Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, and Baker & McKenzie, among others.

The offshoring business model of Diversify BPO Philippines allows client companies to manage their people while Diversify manage everything else so that clients can make the most of the benefits that offshoring can bring to business. The offshoring services of the company stands out against others because it has a narrow focus, it has real, practical experience in achieving business growth, increased profitability and enhanced service delivery through offshoring, it can anticipate business requirements, it offers customizable services that tailor fit client needs, and it is committed to creating an engaging and positive workplace and culture geared to the long-term success of the offshore workforce strategy.

Among the services offered by Diversify BPO Philippines included operations support, recruitment, training consultation, workforce development planning, IT consultancy, technical support, finance and accounting, facilities management, client services, Administration Support, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management and Marketing.

Diversify BPO Philippines call center office address:

  • Diversify BPO Makati
    Robinsons Summit Center
    6783 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
    Tel: +63 998 964-0982 / +63 917 880-9305

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