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Posted on July 4, 2016 | No Comments on DKD Agency

Formed in 2007, DKD Agency, an Australian company, focuses on the evolving and different needs of Cloud computing. The company draws upon skills acquired by its team over the past 25 years. During those years, the company has already gained wide-ranged experience in the industry. Currently, the company provides its services to around 40+ clients every year in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. The company’s holistic approach allows its clients in having one key vendor for their Cloud ERP needs. DKD Agency holds deep and wide-ranged industry experience covering Wholesale, Logistics, Software, RTO and Training, Professional and Field Services, Food and Drug Manufacture.

DKD Agency have been providing assistance for over 7 years to organizations in managing their core business processes with the use of the world’s best Cloud Based ERP system, NetSuite and JCurve, which is popular in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The company is already an expert, and will quickly understand the clients’ businesses. DKD Agency can certainly help its clients to consider cloud technology, save thousands of dollars in their businesses all while productivity and efficiency increase. Enterprise Level Corporations were the only ones which can avail the functionality, but can now be delivered to any clients’ organization at a reasonable price. The company also offers solutions which are specific to a certain industry for E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Professional, Manufacturing and Products and Modules.

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