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DOXCHECK is a central online facility for verification of the authenticity of documents. A reader, holder or recipient of a document can use this service to inquire for the authenticity, validity, regular execution or other significant information relating to the said document instantly, securely and accurately. It can be done through a portal that can be accessed through a browser, iOS or Android mobile application and SMS platforms. The system of DOXCHECK proves to be way much better compared to the traditional process of document verification which normally takes several days to accomplish.

Key Features
– Security. DOXCHECK is using a certain technology which encrypts security features securely to each document. This eliminates the exposure of the documents to counterfeiting.
– Global. DOXCHECK is intended to meet global standards and provide services to the demands of the people across the globe. The clients are guaranteed to be recognized for reliability in the global market.
– Zero Downtime. DOXCHECK delivers fast and dependable service in a timely manner. By utilizing a ultramodern technology coupled with multiple layers of security, DOXCHECK guarantees no downtime.

DOXCHECKed Documents
DOXCHECKed documents are the documents that already have a valid DOXCHECK unique authentication code. This means that the said documents are already verified and authenticated through DOXCHECK. These documents can be diplomas, transcript of records, medical records, contracts, certificates and other pertinent documents.

Authentication Code
Once a document has been verified by DOXCHECK, it will bear the DOXCHECK authentication code. This is a unique serial number, which allows one-to-one encryption of data. Only one document can be encoded in one authentication code.

Advantages of DOXCHECK
DOXCHECK have certain advantages. First advantage is to a jobseeker. If the documents that a jobseeker has are all authenticated by DOXCHECK, it can definitely boost the chance of this jobseeker to land in the job that he or she is applying for, because the employers will easily see that he documents are genuine, and they no longer have to spend time in authenticating it themselves. Second advantage is to the employer. Using DOXCHECK can significantly reduce the time spent in authenticating the documents of the applicants. The traditional process of document authentication can take several days, but with DOXCHECK, it only takes a few seconds. Third advantage is to the author or the issuer of the documents. The documents are protected from being forged, counterfeited and from any other form of fraud that can be done to a document.

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