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Drake International Philippines

Formed in Canada in 195, Drake International is leading provider of human capital management solutions in order to help organizations improve productivity and optimize cost related to routine human resource functions such as selection, recruitment, training, and other HR related activities. Operating in over 10 countries with over 100 branches across the globe, Drake International had been the go to guy for multinational companies in their search for key personnel particularly in the executive, managerial and front line roles. These are the key positions in the organization that can drive and spell the success of a company.

At the core of its permanent recruitment service is the philosophy of helping companies find the right person for the right position while simultaneously helping people find their right niche in the market place. Thus, Drake International Philippines has a twofold mission of helping organization employers and client employees or applicants attain their organizational and personal objectives at the same time.

Drake international is comprised of a team of expert professionals equipped with experience and techniques including proprietary behavioral assessments that guarantee that candidates selected has the exact qualifications and competencies that matches and complements the needs and values and your corporate culture of your organization.

Drake International believes that people is an investment. Every person or personnel that a company hires is an investment and has a direct stake in building an organization’s competitive advantage. Drake understands this role of the human resource functions and the crucial importance of hiring and retaining high performing individuals. And when it comes to sourcing top talent, it is the business of drake to add real value to your business. Sourcing talent is not a matter of luck but a process that can be achieved strategically and systematically.

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