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Dreamscape Networks is a Limited Liability Company affiliated across the globe in a variety of business activities, specifically within the sectors of information technology. The company attempts to implement and increase its base operation through a one-of-a-kind approach. Dreamscape works to improve continuously both in the innovative online products it offers and its customer service solutions through its combined corporate strength, experience and networks around the world.

The company’s head office is conveniently situated in Dubai Internet City, among some of the recognized information technology companies across the globe. It also has data centers and offices strategically located worldwide – in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom as part of the company’s expansion globally.

Dreamscape Networks creates a foundation for an assortment of online brands that are globally recognized, and differs from cloud hosting services, licensed domain name registrars, online marketing and digital branding.

The company is committed to offer simple, innovative and cost-efficient online products and services that can definitely make a difference. Furthermore, the company is also dedicated to remain as the leading online business provider in the world. Apart from being cost-effective and innovative, Dreamscape Networks’ products are easy to use, engineered across all platforms and are accepting instinctive design. As the products the company offers are known to be technology driven and is supported by exceptional customer services, one can truly say that business begins with Dreamscape.

Products and Services
Global internet domain name registrar. Crazy domains is a recognized as the leader in domain name registration around the world. It offers 150 TLD domain name extensions, together with a cloud of network and a variety of online tools. Crazy Domains provides everything that a client needs to get his or her business website up and running in one cost-effective location.

The ultimate email marketing tool. Newsletter is your number one source of help when it comes to creating and designing your email newsletters. It also allows you to send bulk emails to a list of contacts for promoting your products and services – with no required experience.

Search engine submission and SEO tools. Searchbooster is another one of the unique projects of Dreamscape, created and designed for all businesses to submit to all the global search engines and directories in the easiest way. Using the built in SEO tools partnered with the submission process, the client is assured to get excellent rankings within search engines.

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