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Drishti Philippines

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Drishti is a paramount Call Center Software & Enterprise Communications Applications provider in the Philippines. It provides highly urbane Communications Solutions that help business process outsourcing companies engaged in contact solution to vigorously and efficiently manage business Processes, Customer Interactions and Workforce and Service Levels. The software solutions of Drishti Philippines are based on evolving integrated communications such as IP Telephony, Conferencing, Presence Management, and Application Collaboration), Service Oriented Architecture, and Software as a service platforms.

The principal communications solution of Drishti is the Ameyo Contact Center Suite which was developed in 2005 and had since been used by many contact centers. Its IP based platform featured redundancy, multi-tenancy, extensibility and rapid development of new features for faster turn-around time. It has capabilities such as ACD, IVR, CTI, Predictive Dialer, CRM, Voicelogger, Quality Management, Comprehensive Reports.

Drishti Philippines provides Customer Support services which included Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with IVR Designer, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Voice-Logger, Unified Messaging (E-mail, Chat, FAX, SMS), Reporting, CRM and database integration. Its Technical Support included trouble shooting, user support and installation assistance. Drishti Philippines Telemarketing and Sales help increase workforce effectiveness, optimal lead tracking and management, carefully planned processes, sound strategy, among other. Its collections services is powered by Predictive Dialer, IVR, ACD, Voice Logger, Reporting, Unified messaging, and CRM capabilities to help maximize collections. Its Market Research allows data collection via direct calls, multimedia messaging, and voice records. Directory Services allow firm to search products, solutions and services in a fast, affordable and efficient manner. Order Management allows for rigorous lead management for quick follow-up with prospects and routine correspondence tracking. Finally, its Ticketing & Booking especially targets the travel & hospitality (railways and air travel), entertainment (cinema, amusement parks, concerts, and shows).

Drishti Philippines call center office address:

  • Drishti Makati
    14-B, Rufino Pacific Tower
    6784 Ayala Avenue cor. Rufino St.
    Makati City, Philippines.
    Phone: +632-923-8136
    Mobile: +63-917-831-5418

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