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What Drives the Customer Experience?

In the call center industry, the customer experience refers to the totality of all conscious and subconscious experiences that a customer perceives which arises from ones interaction with the organization (through the customer representatives) over the duration of their relationship. It is constituted by the company’s sensible performance, and emotional, intellectual, social and physical sense intuitively evoked and gauged by the customer against one’s anticipated expectations and needs. Call center companies are keen in understanding the factors that drive customer experience primarily to improve its services and establish standards on evaluating their services.

Because customer experience refers to sum of customer experience with the vendor, immediately starts at the moment a customer establishes the evoke set or shortlist of potential brands that a client use as alternatives when considering before making a purchase, which is usually influenced by advertisements and hearsays from friends and acquaintances. This is followed by the actual purchase of the customer of the product of the company.

For a call center company, which outsources the customer service function of the trader or manufacturer, customer experience immediately starts at the negative or positive experience that the customer had in the use of the product or service. This constitutes the negative assumptions that a customer carries in making a call to ask for assistance.

At the onset, customer experience is driven by the availability and accessibility of customer service, the time that a customer needs to wait for before an agent becomes available to attend the customer, the greetings and the initial impression that the agents communicates comprised by one’s welcoming and sincerity to help, accent, among others.

Since service is primarily facilitated through communication, the customer service is also driven by the courtesy of the agent, listening skills, intelligence in successfully identifying and addressing the client’s issue, and the satisfaction that a customer gets out of the interaction. Note that customer experience is not just about the logical experience of how the customer was able to resolve his needs or issues, a greater portion of the customer experience is also driven by the subconscious feeling of the customer which included qualitative interpersonal attitude of the agent, the sense of satisfaction, among others.

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