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Dynatec Philippines

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Dynatec Incorporated is a Philippine-based BPO firm that provides top notch contact center services to multinational companies especially catering English speaking market. Dynatec Philippines derived its name from dynamic technology which describes the blend of energetic and vibrant nature of its agents and the use of modern technology in delivering its unmatched services.

Dynatec Philippines especially provides a rapid outbound Call Center services both for B2B and B2C. It conducts center services that involve calling everyone on a client’s contact list using a script developed in collaboration with client. Information is collected in ensuing conversation with customer through questionnaires that will update client record. The Rapid outbound Call Center is a tool designed to enhance or replace cold calling that helps liberates companies from the monotonous nature of outbound calling. Rates are charged by-the-call or by the hour and training costs are minimal.

The per call charge rates help further reduce costs, permit planning costs, accurately determines call center project duration, and increases staff performance and productivity. It also eradicates routine activities such as dialing phone numbers, ringing the phone, waiting for an answer, negotiating with the receptionist, being put on hold, waiting for the right party to attend the phone and getting thrown into voicemail. A Rapid outbound Call Center is cheaper and more efficient than a traditional Call Center.

The Rapid outbound Call Center services provided by Dynatec Philippines is used for follow-up to a direct mail campaign, cold calling potential customers, Client retention and appreciation calls, Reminders of live events and web seminars, generating sales leads and appointments, event marketing, Increasing Web Seminar attendance, expediting client prospecting campaign, conducting Surveys and distributing questionnaires, updating and maintaining customer list and records.

Dynatec Philippines call center office location:

  • Dynatec Quezon City
    Nissan Commomwealth Bldg.
    #41 Commonwealth Avenue
    Brgy. Holy Spirit
    Quezon City, Philippines
    Tel: +632 951 2201 ext. 201

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