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DYNINNO Group Limited is a company dedicated in providing firms with various solutions like call center solutions, finance and analytics, marketing and technology. DYNINNO Philippines offers these services companies that aim to take their businesses to the next level. The company currently has 3 training centers, 25 markets where its clients function, over 1,500 skilled experts, more than a hundred IT specialists and around 3 million of average savings in procurement details.

DYNINNO Group nurtures the essence of advancement and innovation, as well as results-proven techniques when it comes to management. Having an edge in the worldwide business network in arrays of industries ranging from entertainment to travel, DYNINNO Group makes it conceivable for would-be businesses to succeed in an online setting where lucrative performance is the end result.

Products and Services

Business Process Outsourcing. Using the topnotch outsourcing techniques in the industry, DYNINNO Group Limited has all the necessary experience to create a new team of customer service specialist for its clients, prepared to produce a revenue for the client’s brand 24/7.

Advertising and Marketing. As the company possess a rich proprietary tools for analysis of daily performance metrics and analytical data, DYNINNO Group Limited has the capability of measuring the effects of every account it runs, guaranteeing the client’s return of investment targets are always achieved.

Cloud-Based Back Office and CRM. DYNINNO Group Limited’s cloud-based back office and CRM solutions allow firms to significantly decrease overheads and increase productivity through the consolidation of business processes and placing them under one workflow management system.

DYNINNO Group Limited caters to companies from the following industries:
– Airline (Legacy carriers, Airfare, Consolidators, Ticketing)
– Travel (Travel agencies, Hotel Chains, Cruise Lines, Car Rentals)
– E-Commerce (Online stores, Discounters and Outlets)
– Telesales (Contact Centers, Coaching and Training)
– Media and Entertainment (Casting, Production, Broadcast, Social Networking)
– Finance and Insurance (Insurance agencies and brokers)
DYNINNO Group Limited is committed to create endless opportunities for trendsetters and leaders who are determined to make a difference. Thus, if you have the passion to take your career to the next level by honing your skills, then you are the one the company is looking for. No matter what kind of professional the company is in search for, DYNINNO Group Limited actively seeks and accept one thing – handling challenging problems with an easy solution.

DYNINNO Philippines call center office address:

  • Dyninno Cebu
    Calyx Bldg.
    I.T Park, Lahug
    Cebu City, Philippines

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