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Eastern Telecommunications Philippines

Established more than 130 years ago, Eastern Telecommunication provided the first telegraphic services in the Philippines, which was then principal and fastest means of sending messages across international borders. Today, Eastern Telecommunications still provides the same quality and reliable service as a world-class telecommunication service provider for the latest international communications technology namely Internet, Data, full-service Telephony and business-enabling solutions.

In as early as 1871, Eastern Telecommunications had been engaged in connecting nations namely England, Australia and Hongkong using underwater or submarine cables. The company evolved from Eastern Extension which is a merger of three largest telegraph companies namely Australiasia and China Telegraph Co., British-India Extension Telegraph Co., and British-Australian Telegraph Co. way back in 1871. In 1878, this company connected the Philippines to Hongkong through as submarine telegraph cable.

Today, Eastern Telecommunications Philippines continues with its mission by servicing corporate, institutional, and SME sectors. The company developed vigorous, quality, revolutionary and applicable solutions that aids companies manage their business more productively. Eastern Communications is also the first and only telecommunication company that has been ISO-certified, which reflects international quality standards of its systems and processes that ensures excellent service and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Eastern Telecommunications provide Internet services in Indernet Direct Service (IDS), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), evoDSL, and DSL Prepaid. It provides high-speed, high-volume, high-security, and 24/7/365 connectivity data services in Domestic Leased Circuit, International Private Leased Circuit, ETHERnet, or Quality-Multi Protocol Label Switching. It also provide Voice telephony services namely POWERPHONE, GATEWAY DIRECT, and IP Centrex. Finally, it provides value added managed services including Tier II and Green dataHUB; affordable CRM tool SuccesSME; intelligent digital signage solution IntelliADS; and, practical biz communication tool Virtual Fax.

Eastern Telecom Philippines has branch offices and delivery service centers located across the Philippines namely in Cebu, Baguio, Tuguegarao. Makati and Caloocan.

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