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Ebio Home Based Business Process Outsourcing

For most people, it is always one’s dream to do work and earn money at the luxury of one’s home. With doing work at home, you are able to save yourself from all the hassles of a 9-5 work such as traffic jams, constrained working time etc. With the advent of the internet, it is now a possible and viable path that you can take to earn money. In the Philippines, this is made possible through a certain BPO company called Ebio Home Based Business Process Outsourcing or EHB BPO for short.

EHB BPO is a company aiming to provide a pool of talented and dedicated Filipino professionals who are capable of providing customer service, technical support, software development, web administration and project management to name a few. These services can be availed by different foreign companies who are looking for solutions that are cost effective without compromising quality of service.

The business model employed by EHB BPO Philippines incites a double edged opportunity towards the company and their employees. The company provides services to its foreign clients which provides revenue and at the same time gives its employees an opportunity to do work at the luxury of their homes. Aside from this, EHB BPO also strives to strike a balance between life and work. Although this can be easily achieved given the home-based setup, the company heavily encourages its employees to give due dedication in balancing these two aspects.

There are several positions that are currently available for hiring in Ebio PHilippines. The nature of the jobs include those regarding Finance, Freelance writing, Customer Support, Marketing etc. Application and assessment of competencies are all done in the internet. The company employs unconventional methods like VoIP interviews and comprehensive testing to name a few in assessing the applicant’s abilities and compatibility towards the job.

In conclusion, if you favor working and earning money at the luxury of your home, then EHB BPO might just be the company for you. With a plethora of jobs to choose from, it will be easy to find the right job that would fit your abilities and competencies.

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  1. Odita B. Angeles Reply

    I would like to apply for homebase callcenter. I am Odita Angeles 47 yrs old and a mother of 4 kids. Previously i am a radio announcer for 10years in DZTC RADYO PILIPINO CORPORATION. After my regular employment i prefer to be a freelance endorsers of different products mostly food supplement in different Radio Station here in Manila. Thats the reason why i am looking for other opportunity in Home base Call center.My personal line 0916 588 1178

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