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eBusiness BPO

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eBusiness BPO is a US-based international BPO company that started in 2006 primarily providing customer support services for its financial service operations in California. In 2009, eBusiness BPO opened a service center in Cebu Philippines providing similar functions until it evolved and expanded its outsourcing services to other multinational companies from different market sectors and industries around the world. eBusiness BPO Philippines expanded its services from basic inbound support services to outbound telemarketing and other complex campaigns such as backend support office management services (accounting, bookkeeping and services that require Certified Public Accountants), Non-Voice/Chat Support, information technology services, transcription Services, proofreading services, research Survey Services and seat easing services.

Early in 2012, eBusiness BPO launched its training facility which is designed to train new customer service employees to provide manpower to its ever growing business. Quality control is in the heart of its operations as it gives detailed attention to every single customer it serves. All transactions are facilitated flawlessly through its most advanced and secured IT infrastructure support. eBusiness BPO more than provides manpower support but technical expertise in its services, customer support and assistance that can serve as the basis for profitable and enduring customer relationships, custom coding to maximize your campaigns and monitoring, real time live reporting for partner clients to have full control and knowledge of the progress of work, and consistent, reliable and secure communication lines.

eBusiness BPO Philippines call center is located in:

eBusiness BPO main office is in:

eBusiness BPO
U.S. Corporate Headquarter
541 N. Main St.
Suite 104-129
Corona, California

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