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ECC International

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ECC International is a process upgrading solutions provider in Southeast Asia especially in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and India that specializes on process consulting, automation solutions, and learning outsourcing services. ECC International assist companies improve performance by introducing management systems based on international standards/best practices across multiple domains and industries. The company dedicates itself to help organizations achieve performance excellence by releasing their full potency through lasting, business-oriented consultancy.

Among the services offered by ECC international included Consulting from management systems implementation to business process re-engineering, corporate sustainability and strategy development and technology (IT) consulting. Assessment refers to the methodical verification and evaluation of organizational performance to identify flaws and underscore areas of improvement to abreast with dynamic changes and competition. Maintenance refers to the development and preserving of management systems which are integral in a company’s daily operations. ECC offer Process & Certification Maintenance Services (PCMS ) solution for managing organizational Process Improvement and Systems & Certification Maintenance.

ECC international works alongside APEX Global (The Academy for Professional Excellence), which serves as the company learning solutions arm that conducts professional development services including trainings and Conferences, Managed Services and Learning on Demand products. Training pertains to imparting the factors for attaining performance excellence among professionals. Managed Services in training refers to the type of training that focuses on efficiency and business-orientation so that it can directly contribute to the productivity of the company and not merely for individual employee growth. Finally, Learning Outsourcing refers to providing the workforce with the right competencies, capabilities and skills to be more competitive without compromising work.

ECC International is composed of the best and brightest professionals in the industry, which aptly leads in giving or sharing their knowledge, expertise and skills to serve the industry.

ECC International Philippines call center office address:

ECC International satellite offices are located in:

ECCI India
No. 67/19, Dr. Ranga Rd.
Abhirama Puram, Mylapore

ECC Singapore
ECCI Pte. Ltd.
17 Philip Street #05-01 Grand Building
Singapore 048695

ECC Malaysia
ECCI Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 1203, 12/F Johor Tower
No. 15 Jalan Gereja, 80100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

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