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How to be an Effective Sales Agent?

Telemarketing is one of the most challenging services in a call center. However, with a few tips and strategies, one can be an effective telemarketer regardless of what product or service one is selling. Here are some tips on how to become an effective telemarketer.

Start a conversation. Agents would usually sound mechanical when selling, by staring with a sales pitch and following the script. Agents should try a more personalized approach by sounding to make a conversation with potential customer than by simply reciting a script.

Aim to discover fit with prospect. People buy because they want or need things. An agent must therefore focus on discovering whether customer truly has problems that agent can resolve before proceeding with sales.

Rejection is the beginning of the sales process. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Rejection due to mistakes should be a signal for one to evaluate mistakes that needs to be corrected the next time the agent makes a call.

Avoid getting pressured. When doing a sales talk, try to forget the idea of the need to make sale. The pressure of selling or reaching a quota only emphasizes the experience of rejection. Instead, agents should focus on conversing with customers, finding needs, matching products and the ability to sell will smoothly follow.

Don’t chase prospects. Chasing prospects carets the wrong signal failing after giving up. Instead, simply ask prospects if they’d be open to connecting again in the future to creative the positive prospective. This is one way to validating and reopening conversations after prospects offer objections.

Stick to product features and don’t compare with other products especially which you may not be aware off because one can end up arguing with potential customer who may be more familiar with rival product. Instead stick one’s own product and how it can resolve or address customers’ problems.

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