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Effective Spiels for Upselling

Upselling is one of the basic ways to improve sales, profits and ROI. This is especially important for business because keeping existing clients is less expensive than getting new clients. Before upselling however, an agent must have a clear understanding and belief that product/service is really valuable and can make the customer happier.

An attempt to Upsell should automatically form part of the script in a rather subtle manner by matching a product with another product. For instance, bacon usually comes with eggs or burger often comes with fries. Hence a simple way to upsell is by packaging the appropriate usual match to the product such as “Would you like this -name of product- with that?”

Another way to upsell is make customers feel good about their purchase and that they made the right decision. Apart from praising the customers for a good purchase, one then interjects the idea of upselling such as “this is a great opportunity for you to take full advantage of our promo…” Keeping your client in agreement improves the chances of an upsell.

One approach to upsell is by emphasizing the limited chance of a lifetime discount promo or sale of a product. In which case, one can say that sir, you could get a better deal on this in our limited promo that only happens today or will be available until this week.

Bundling is also one effective way to upsell. This is done by offering products in bundles or packages wherein the sales agent focuses on the savings that a client receives in availing a bundle. For instance, I suggest that you buy bundle 2 because it will save you $200!

Giving discounts on the next purchase is another way to upsell. In which case, a spiel that relates to this one can be structured by telling customer that if you buy two products of this item, you will get a 50% discount on the next item.

Finally, another way to upsell is offer free trial or sample. This sample is encourage a customer to test the product which hopefully move one to purchase a more expensive product. This can be facilitated by saying to customer that you can try this product for free for two months.

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