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Effectively Handle Irate Callers

Irate callers have already become a part of call center agent’s life. In fact, if you have been a call center agent for a long time now, you could say that your day at work is not complete without one customer who yelled at you over the phone. For veterans, this is just a day in a life issue. However, for a newbie, this is a challenge, and it can be a great ordeal for some. So, how to handle these irate callers? Here are a few tips.

Own the call. There are customers who would immediately ask to speak to a supervisor right after you deliver your opening spiel. It could be annoying, especially if the customer does not want to cooperate with you in providing the information you need before you escalate the call. However you have to keep in mind that this is still your call, and therefore, the customer is still at your mercy. Keep your tone of voice polite and calm, but insistently.

Keep your calm and be cool. Easier than done, but believe it when you hear that a proper tone of voice does magic. Some customers are just frustrated with the situation they’re in at the moment – and oftentimes not associated with the service you cater to, really. Imagine when you are so heated and you speak to someone who is so calm and nice and sweet. Wouldn’t you be calmed and pacified, too?

Take time to listen. There are times when your customer just needs to vent. It could be because your service sucks, or it could also be the frustration of your customer because his or her car didn’t start this morning. The point is, whatever the situation is, take time to listen. It might be all your customer need in order to calm down. Problem with average handling time? Charge it on the next call. It can’t be that bad.

It’s nothing personal. Whatever your customer’s attitude towards you, always keep in mind that it’s nothing personal. Your customer is not mad at you, but towards the situation. Life, though good and fair oftentimes, can also be bad so understand that your customer must be having a bad day. Not good enough? Proceed to tip number two.

Irate callers are just one of the many things that make call center job quite challenging. However, this is also the one of the things that completes the life in the call center.

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