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Elcell Philippines

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Elcell Philippines is one of the largest company that manufactures back cases for mobile phones and your PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant). Their ingeniously crafted cases are meticulously designed by their graphic designers in the Philippines and carefully printed in China with the brand name: HEAD CASE.

The company also prides itself to be the brand ambassador to the hottest and cutting-edge mobile phone, PDAs, laptops and other accessories for top mobile companies like Apple, Blackberry and Nokia. Elcell Philippines operation extends not only in Asia, but, also on Europe, North America and Australia.

Elcell Philippines product has three basic characteristics: simple, useful and comfort. The company’s aim is not only to give pleasure in buying each case, but, also cutting edge innovation keeping up to modern technology and gadgets of today.

Elcell Philippines was established in the UK in 2008, but, with its resilient business strategy and strong initiatives the company strengthens its global position in the digital accessories and electronic product industry. Their revenue climbed to its highest peak with an income of more than $12M targeting proceeds of more than $20M this come year. And as proof of their growth Elcell established their business centers not only in the UK, but, across Australia, China, Hongkong, Philippines and the USA with more than 300 employees as part of their team.

Moreover, the people behind Elcell Philippines are driven by their principles of excellence, team-work, professionalism, integrity and innovation. These are the things that guide the company towards pursuing development and success in the technology world. Truly, Elcell Philippines is a catalyst of change where technology is concern.

In the Philippines their business center is located at Clark Freeport Zone in Angles Pampanga. Their business center carries the company’s vision of providing high standard digital lifestyle by capturing innovation and creativity on each product.

Elcell Philippines call center is located in:

  • Elcell Clark
    Office Center No. 05 G-I. Berthaphil III Compound
    Jose Abad Santos Avenue Clark Freeport Zone
    Angeles City, Pampanga

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