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Elevated Play Philippines

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Elevated Play is a company dedicated to check games, applications, platform and websites the people use every day. Its personnel checks for quality and bugs of these applications for fixing and improvement. Basically, they will test for anything that the clients don’t want their users to see in their applications and tools. This includes, but certainly not limited to issues like functionality, user experience, layout, text spelling, grammar, crashes and more form the obvious stuff to edge cases. In testing, the company does not use simulators. Elevated Play Philippines have numerous gadgets like phones, tablets, computers, and accessories. If the client needs them to test on something they do not have, they will certainly get it. Likewise, if the client wants them to test on something proprietary, Elevated Play will also take charge on how to get it safely.

Elevated Play also values safety and security. The devices they use for testing are strictly monitored, controlled and locked away when not in use, so the clients can rest assured that the applications they asked the company for testing are in good hands.

Why Choose Elevated Play?
Clients can request for testing anytime. At Elevated Play, each client has the liberty to contact them and request for testing schedule at any time. The company treats all testing as on demand, and so there’s no need for the clients to worry about scheduling quality assurance request for their application. Elevated Play is flexible and is always ready to go.

Elevated Play is flexible. No matter what the process or tools the client is using, Elevated Play fit seamlessly. The clients can also request, change or even cancel testing whenever they want to without costing them additional charge. Basically, the company will adjust to what the client needs.

Elevated Play is always available. The company will be working too when the clients work – whatever time of the day that is. Elevated Play has 24-hour availability on weekdays and they also work for 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays (based on US Pacific Time Zone). Therefore, the company will always be ready and available when the clients need them.

The company’s got amazing testers. Elevated Play is also dedicated in finding candidates that is extremely qualified in the work that the company demands. Because of this, the company is comprised of highly-educated, multi-lingual quality assurance people. Clients are assured that no bug will ever be safe once Elevated Play has done its testing.

Elevated Play Philippines call center office location:

  • Elevated Play Makati
    6/F Marvin Plaza
    2153 Chino Roces Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

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