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Posted on December 15, 2021 | 1 Comment on Elitework Philippines

Elitework LLC is a BPO and recruitment firm that taps BPO Professionals from the Philippines to work from home for companies in Australia, USA, Canada and UK. It provides contractors or virtual professions working full time in the Philippines to ensure daily operations are smooth and well managed. Elitework Philippines aims to help professionals reach their full potential and take advantage of the work life balance as a home-based professional, and get a competitive pay without the burdens of commuting through traffic and withstanding grueling weathers.

Elitework LLC Philippines provides BPO professionals for Voice Support, Chat and Email Support, Social Media Support, Data Entry, Production Support, and Mail Sorting, Marketing / Sales Support. It also provides Virtual Assistants to provide daily operational support, activities such as expense reporting, booking travel, compiling reports, and scheduling events among others. These VA’s can offer Secretarial Services, Case Management services, Indexing, Legal Research, Document Review and even Paralegal Services.

Elitework LLC Philippines actively looks for BPO professionals with good to excellent English communication skills, solid background or work experiences in relevant industries (Virtual or admin assistance, telemarketing, sales, content writing, SEO, web development, and web design), has ready and discipline work ethic to work from home independently and has a suitable home office or workspace at home with stable DSL connection and up to date computer.

As “Independent Contractors”, Elitework Philippines does not operate like the usual employee compensation structure. Pays are computed based on staff’s hourly rate. However, no deductions or mandatory contributions will affect monthly pay. Contractors work on a no work, no pay policy and has benefits like HMO, leave credits, 13th month, and SSS.

Elitework LLC Philippines contracts BPO professionals from multiple work locations in the Philippines.

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    do you have an cal center office at Quezon Avenue? thanks

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