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Email Chat Support

Posted on November 26, 2020 | 2 Comments on Email Chat Support

Email chat support generally refers to a customer service support system which is facilitated through email (electronic mail) or realtime online chat. For the former, a designated email account of company is provided where customers can email to send their queries and concerns. Customer service agents are assigned to respond to these customer queries. The latter on the hand, is support service through chat in which online agents are available to chat and deliver information in real time to customers via a chatting. In which case, customers are usually asked to log on to a chat system in order to access the chat service of the company.

The “Email Chat Support” can also refer to a brand of a fully automated cyber chat application software developed by Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd, which aids businesses clients to provide live support to their customers. This software actually features a “virtual agent” instead of a real human agent, which can be programmed to automatically make replies to customer queries and concerns.

Getting rid of the human component in the chat system helps save cost and provide greater efficiency in handling customer service support through chat. Cost savings pertains to the savings a company obtains in paying personnel salary for human chat agents including benefits, incentives and other related personnel remunerations. Efficiency is achieved because a virtual agent provides 24-7 prompt replies, standard replies and can accommodate as many customers as it can.

The email chat support therefore allows companies to attend to customers anytime and anywhere. Customers can come and go, browse and inquire and get their needs practically without additional costs on the part of the company. The email chat support is usually used to provide automated service to inquiries in educational industry, sales and marketing departments and other online ecommercial stores. It helps in gathering valuable contact details of prospective customers and help a company to reach to potentially interested clients easily at little or no cost.

Among the major features of the application included the ability to change settings to customize the agent’s name and photo. The settings also allow one to configure the meebo chat box in the place of virtual agent box for display and instant call functionality. Questions that has no ready answers are stored in a separate database for prospering addressing. A session wise list, allows access to questions answers that are stored. Keywords can be set to configure replies to queries. Instant Call Request is a feature that prompts real humans to give customer a call to facilitate a more personalized communication. Initial Response can also be set to allow processing a better and more direct response to a question.

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    How do I get to do the assessment test for KGB call center in Greensboro,nc?

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