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Email Support Account

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Most call center companies included non voice support processes in its operations for a more comprehensive customer support service. This non voice support is usually constituted by an email support and chat support. The chat support pertains to communications between agent and clients through real time chat through the Internet. The email support on the other hand pertains to the account in which communications is facilitated through electronic mail. These two types of written communication process have also evolved as an essential means of transmitting real-time information and data, which have been used by many companies for expediting help desk support, technical support and complaint gathering.

Email support services helps to dissipate work load especially during peak periods. Hence, even if a customer is unable to get through to the line because of busy agents, he can simply send and email to the customer service department and similarly get a prompt reply. This ultimately translates to efficient time and resource utilization.

Among the most common areas covered by email support accounts included the following: product inquiries, in which agents provide a comprehensive information about products of the company by sending brochures and leaflets; order fulfillment, in which client orders are delivered through email especially for products that are digital in nature (e.g. software applications); order taking, in which customers make orders more formal and more detailed than by simply relaying them by voice; query resolution, pertains to customer special inquiries that have no direct answers and requires consultation with higher officers; troubleshooting for services and products is an actual technical support service facilitated through email in which agent can send a step by step manual to the client or any other procedural guides; customer guidance in collecting data refers to a marketing process in which agents collect data about customers for profiling and marketing analysis.

The email support account is an important subcategory of the non voice account of a call center customer support service because it reaches a wider customer database and allows a client company to accommodate all other communication means that is most convenient and preferable to the customers. For one not all consumers have a telephone. Not all customers have time to talk to an agent. Not all customers have the aptitude to effectively follow and listen to a call.

The email account on the other hand is an great alternative that can help customers to contact for customer help and retrieve their service in their convenient time. Finally, a key to the email support account is prompt, accurate and efficient response. Email support agents should be able to address the requirements of the customers the soonest possible time. It is the agents who must wait for customer responses and not the other way around.

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