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Empyrean Benefit Solutions

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Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. is the leading human resource technology and services firm that provide businesses’ needs to provide health and welfare benefits for their employees. The company uses cutting-edge technology and best HR domain expertise for a cost-effective service to employees. Empyrean experience allows the company to have greater insight into how best to leverage technology to transform HR processes, create higher levels of quality and create a more flexible delivery model across a larger market segment.

Today, Empyrean serves over 400 employers across multiple industry verticals and over 1,500,000 lives.

– Employee benefit enrollment
– Employee benefit administration
– Configuration
– Compliance
– Connectivity
– Hi-touch support
– Carrier partnerships

At Empyrean, they are dedicated to learning and growing together as a team. They want to give the best service and solutions for their clients, participants and team members. Ideas from each of the team members are recognized and are made sure that everyone’s welcome. Empyrean also gives encouragements for all the team members so they can succeed in every task.

Aside from these, they also continue to find more ways on how to improve their service and give impact to millions of their patrons every day.


Empyrean Benefit solutions call center office address:

  • Empyrean Texas
    9009 West Loop South
    Suite 600, Houston
    Texas, Philippines

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