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Things to Endure as a Call Center Agent

A lot of people are saying that being a call center agent is just so easy. We just have to go to the office, sit in our work station and talk to customers and then go home when the shift is over. Sounds simple when we put it that way, and then we are getting paid higher than most employees around us. However, what other people don’t realize is that there are a lot of things that we need to endure working in a BPO. Talking to irate and difficult customers is challenging enough, but what if we mention the other things?

  1. The weather. It’s lucky if the weather is fair. We can travel and arrive in the office safe and sound. However, we are not excused even if the storm hits the town and it’s raining so hard. We still have to report for work, because our customers do not experience the same weather. It’s like a call of duty – we need to find a way on how to get to work, even if it means walking for two hours in a flooded street the middle of the night.
  2. The traffic. Well, every commuter, even motorists, employee or not, are required to endure the traffic. But unlike us, every minute counts. Not only our salary is being deducted when we are late, but also our performance cards, which can eventually lead into losing our jobs. Therefore, constant self-discipline and adjustment are totally required when you have a job like ours.
  3. The holidays. Isn’t it nice to spend the time with your family, especially during the holidays? Christmas is the time for family, but this changed for us who works in the BPO. Because unless we took vacation leaves in which approval is by the way hard to get, then we are stuck in the office in this special time of the year instead of exchanging gifts and having sumptuous dinner with our loved ones. Talk about being work dedicated, right?
  4. The irate customers. This must be the most difficult of all, but it has already been a part of a call center agent’s life – irate customers. We are not really asked to endure their curses and insults, as we have a standard procedure on what to do when the conversation gets nasty, however, we need to endure at least the over the phone screams of the customers who are too frustrated with what’s going on with them.

See? Life in the call center is not that easy. However, these things are actually what makes it worth the stay.

Originally posted 2015-09-22 07:39:00.

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