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EnfraUSA Solutions

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 1 Comment on EnfraUSA Solutions

EnfraUSA Solutions continuously develop cosmic resources of pioneering enthusiastic and success-oriented experts who are committed in growing the businesses of its partners. EnfraUSA call center also attracts and recruits only the best service personnel by providing above average compensation, performance bonuses, and other incentives that motivate employees to engage in continuous learning and to work with unparalleled productivity every single hour. This is complemented by regular quality training to keep team synergized and alert in going beyond client expectations. Finally, EnfraUSA Solutions is well equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to ensure delivery of outstanding solutions.

EnfraUSA call center especially takes pride of its people which is primarily comprised of devoted and fervent Filipino workforce that offers superiority and devotion in the field of customer care. Besides their deep affinity for Western culture, their hospitability and friendliness is a core cultural trait. This is complemented with their ability to speak fluent English, which is the country’s official language of instruction and business language. On the other hand, Filipinos also have great IT and software specialists, graphic designers and programmers that are highly competitive abroad. Finally, Filipinos are known as one of the most honest and hardest working people around the world which is manifested by their presence in practically every corner in the world.

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It would be good if you could also include contact numbers. But all in all this site is pretty helpful

the hr there in enfra phil are very nice,even the guard there….more power tnx……………………………. congratulations

d naman ako mag apply, layo ko kasi from peoplesupport tapos pasig pa ako.

I heard nga that sa people support sinasabi agad if you are qualified hndi ka na nila pinagaantay ng tawag.my friend kc worked there before. kainis naman kc pag sinasabing ttwagan n lng tapos wla naman,sna sbihin n lng agad.I have plans to apply at enfra kya lng I have doubts kc bka tulad dn sila ng other companies n pagaantyin k ng twag tpos you’ll hear nothing.Is it true dn b na hindi n ngeexam ang mga applicants dyn resume lng ok n? sna may mgpost nman ng comment rgarding application procedures sa enfra kung cno mang nkkalm pls. pra mlwanagn me kung mgaaply b ko dyn or not.tnx

always remember, pag sinabi sayo na we’ll just call u at di sinabing u failed, it means u did not pass.maraming companies na ryt there and then,will inform u dat u did not pass thru letter.

can someone please tell us kung magkano ang sweldo dito. pls someone…

I applied before at EnfraUSA Solutions Inc. not true that they don’t have exam in fact I failed the test..It’s actually a call simulation test..They told me that I failed the exam because I have slips (P & F problems) sayang, they pay P25,000 basic.

25k ang basic? cno nagsabi?

I am also working here at Orient Square in Ortigas as tech support rep., I heard rumors that Enfra is paying their agents for 27k, in fact, the friend of my officemate is currently working there and Enfra is paying her 25k(basic salary)..

i’ve been employed for 1year (Telus) and 6 months (Sitel) now.. i went to enfra and the frontline HR told me that i have to wait another 6 months because they’re strict when it comes to standards, they said.. they’re looking for 2 year-tenured agents..

They are not giving P150 allowance, its actually 500 on the first week only. But When you start calling you will be entitled to receive P18K Basic for VOIP ha, But if you are for Senior Level higher offer pa.

apply din ako Enfra before pero d ako tanggap kse sbi nung interviewer lagi raw may gap na 6 mos ang work history ko.

sana gayahn nilang ibang malaking CC na may regret letter kung ndi tanggap applicant, friend ko CC newbie, sabi tatawagan daw for sched na.. aun sabi ko wag nalang umasa

Next time you post a comment, why don’t you type the words fully. No wonder you didn’t get a job at EnfraUSA, you don’t even know how to type or yet spell the words. Hell, and they are even on your own language and you don’t even know how to spell them.

They said they want experienced agents. Man, they should have stressed that they only need people belowe 35 year old. I went up there confident that I can land a job. Only to be told that Im too old. Talk about discrimination! EnfraUSA–you should be ashamed of yourself!

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  1. apple Reply

    Aw they have age discrimination??Thinking that this is a call center? How about gender discrimination? Does this company accept undergrad? Well except for the position posted above for sales rep. I just noticed that they don’t provide the qualification for educational attainment.

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