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Engaging Customer Through Chat

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Communication is the social adhesive that starts, builds and strengthens relationship. There is no other way one can be friends with a stranger except through communication, either verbally or through actions. In the same vein, engaging customers in a dialogue is the best way for building customer relations especially in the case of cold calling of telemarketers or outbound customer agents. But how exactly do we engage customers through chat in order to build relations. Hereunder are some tips to do this.

Make sure you say something relevant. The only way to engage a person to a dialogue is if the subject interests the person. Not all people are gifted with the ability or the inclination to be sociable. Most people easily gets bored and uninterested in chats that does not concern them. In order to make one’s subject relevant to a prospective customer, the agent must have researched a background check about the customer so that one can find a way to relate the product offering to the needs of a customer. For instance, if the customer has kids, one can relate a product offering that will benefit the children of the customer. If it’s a wellness product, it can be related to the age of a prospective client or the beauty of the client if one is a woman and is a health buff or is figure conscious.

Adapt to customers. A customer service agent must be knowledgeable about a lot of things so that he/ she can relate to the client’s wishes, favorites or interests. If a customer wants this and that, the agent must find a way to meet those wants or needs by modifying if possible the product offerings unless of course the customer is asking for impossible bargains or deals. At this point, it is important for an agent to be able to distinguish between serious and tripping customers. Some customers may indeed be interested in your chat while some others may just talk to you because they have nothing else better to do and you are just wasting your time.

Make it short yet interesting. While you intend to engage customers through chat, it does not mean that you will be spending one hour talking to a customer and convincing him/ her to purchase or order your product, unless of course there is really a manifest potential that this prospective client intends to buy. Your time is equally valuable. What you must do is to make a time limit of how long you need to talk to a client then drop the conversation leaving the prospective customer interested for more. Then just follow it up the next day or at the convenient time of the customer.

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