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Posted on October 2, 2016 | No Comments on EnglishCentral Philippines

EnglishCentral Philippines is the known leading company that delivers online English conversation solutions. The platform that EnglishCentral Philippines uses is a combination of the internet’s best English videos, the company’s exclusive technology called IntelliSpeech assessment, an adaptive system for learning vocabulary and excellent live tutors, provided flawlessly through the internet and mobile.

EnglishCentral Philippines guarantees its clients to learn in English in three months by getting the offered Platinum Plan. The lessons goes as follows:
Beginner – Learning the Basics
– Meet and greet people
– Become proficient at basic words and phrases
– Introduce yourself and more about you
Intermediate – Getting Fluent
– English for study or work
– Expanding Vocabulary
– Speak English during travels
Advanced – Becoming and Expert
– Know about idioms and slangs
– Become proficient in Academic Vocabulary
– Enhance and decrease you accent

How It Works
1. Watch a video. The students are asked to watch a recommended video a day, based on their level of interest. Then the students would mark any word that they don’t know.
2. Learn new words. The students will learn new words through filling in the blanks as they interacts with the video line.
3. Speak the new words. The students are then encouraged to speak the new words in context, acquiring real time feedback regarding pronunciation and fluency.
4. Speak with a live tutor. The students can use GOLIVE! And speak with a private tutor thru a one-on-one online session.

Why Work at EnglishCentral Philippines
There are lots of reasons why you would want to work in this dynamic, education-delivering company. Here are some of them.
a) Impressive salary and benefits packages. EnglishCentral Philippines offers the kind of salary package that makes it on the top.
b) Stock options. You have the options to buy company stocks and be a co-owner of the company as a shareholder.
c) Excellent working environment. EnglishCentral Philippines provides a smart and engaging work environment that makes you get motivated to work.
d) Flexible working hours. You can choose the work hours that you want.
e) Travel opportunities. You might be asked by the company to visit the other offices located at various parts of the world like Japan, Korea, Turkey and Brazil.

If you think that education is the next big thing in the internet and you delight in providing great delivery, excellent systems delivery and you potentially want to travel, you might be the one that EnglishCentral Philippines is looking for.

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