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Enshored is the leading outsourcing partner and consultancy for high growth companies and SME clients. The company supports money-making growth for Financial Technology, Healthcare, Internet, Education and Logistics companies. Enshored Philippines increases the profitability and allows faster growth of its clients by enhancing its clients’ business operations. They do this through the use of leverage, consulting and outsourcing abilities which are used to be reserved for the largest corporations world-wide.

The company is motivated by a strong desire to know and understand all clients. It uses this knowledge about the clients to pinpoint and provide solutions which can help them achieve their goals in the way that is related to their business. The clients’ partnership with Enshored has already resulted in an increase of their service availability, response times, quality and an addition of up to 80% decrease in the cost of staffing.

Products and Services
People solutions. Through weighing global labor markets, Enshored designs and produces lucrative people based solutions. These people based solutions will extend the clients’ operations and will allow the clients’ team to keep its culture as it focuses on what is really important – adding worth to their customers.

Process solutions. The company sees to it that it works with its clients in making their operations more profitable. By getting complete understanding of a client’s nature of business and its needs, Enshored Philippines pinpoints solutions to support that client’s operation set up and enhanced it to make it generate more profit.

Technology solutions. This is one of the most crucial forms of solutions that Enshored offer its clients – advanced technology. The company’s latest technology solutions help reduce he clients’ manual work by providing them with the latest developments in tools and process enablers. These tools were only available to the largest corporations previously.

As a leading outsourcing partner, Enshored is looking for people who are driven with passion to be a part of a team which operates through the opportunities that its clients give it. It also dares its staff to come to work with curiosity, thirst for learning and the excitement to help their clients, managers and peers. However, their hard work and dedication have earned them to be classified by the company as heroes. As heroes, they receive exciting rewards like Yoga classes and spa days. Competitive benefits and HMO regularization also awaits to those who would become a hero.

Enshored Philippines call center office address:

  • Enshored Mandaluyong
    44/F Summit One Tower
    Shaw Boulevard
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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