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Entertainment Gateway Group

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Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) is an innovative software development and technology company that specializes in offering mobile content and software applications, pioneering digital advertising solutions and excellent technology outsourcing capability. EGG Philippines dedicates itself in solving a company’s present and forthcoming digital pursuits.

As one of the early pioneers in value-added mobile services provider, digital direction of Entertainment Gateway Group gradually developed from web based development to leading edge mobile advertisement and top-quality technology outsourcing, while still serving to the high demand of mobile content.

The Entertainment Gateway Group was acquired by Globe Telecom, one the largest telecom providers in the Philippines that leads innovation, in 2008. This helped improved and reinforce the company’s sturdy line of digital services. With the support and backing of Globe’s veracity and proven track record of success, the company’s commitment to provide digital solutions has been taken to another level.

The Entertainment Gateway Group primarily provides Mobile Content & App Services. These pertains to contents and software applications that runs in mobile phones and other mobile internet access devices. It also offers Mobile Advertising , which is advertising services that is delivered through effective short messaging systems in mobile phones, progressive media technologies & platforms and various Ad inventories that reaches global market. Mobile advertising is competently design and inventively incorporated to Web, mobile, and social network campaigns to supplement conventional media advertisements in television, radio and newspaper publications. Finally, a technology Outsourcing Partner, the Entertainment Gateway Group provides services in Technical Consulting, Project Management, Software Engineering, and IT Staff Augmentation especially in the telecommunications industry. This function was especially enhanced with the IT telco expertise that company obtained through Globe’s acquisition.

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