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ePerformax Philippines

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 1 Comment on ePerformax Philippines

ePerformax Philippines was created through the partnership between Performance Consulting Group (PCG), an end-to-end consulting services provider on IT services, business process support, and project management in the US and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG), a Philippine-based conglomerate engaged in broad range of diverse business from ship management, logistics, investments and ICT. ePerformax Philippines started to operations in 2002 and had since then been a Filipino managed contact center solutions provider.

As such, ePerformax call center local management makes it more adept in recruiting, understanding and motivating local professionals to provide international services. ePerformax Philippines adheres to the belief that the Philippines is the best option for any customer related service from engagement, care and sales because the country is the largest non-native English speaking country in the world, which makes it most flexible to any English speaking country and the home to the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world.

ePerformax Contact Center attributes its success to its inventive culture built upon indepth business analytics and structured on its exclusive Six Sigma based Performance Maximization Model. This business model has helped the company conduct its gradual and sustainable development that does not compromise on providing the best-in-class customer care for its clients. ePerformax Philippines partakes with its client’s objective to utilize business analytics to control vital customer and sales data and marketing information for improving process efficiencies and reducing costs.

ePerformax Philippines call centers are located in:

ePerformax main office is located in:

ePerformax USA
8001 Centerview Parkway,
Third Floor Cordova, Tennessee

For career opportunities, please visit ePerformax Philippines Job Openings.


I’m just wondering their process in recruiting people…….just want 1 interview?

im a QA and i love this company. i just dont like how bias recruitment can become. if you dont look good, you might not make it. It happened to 2 of my good friends, who are really good speakers and smart individuals

a good company with good upper management people. Call center management should have A+ english comm.

I was an employee there for 11 months. Only reason why I stayed is because I made so many good friends before moving to Sykes Asia. In terms of sick and vacation leave..6 in 1 year! While now I am enjoying 20 VL’s and 20 SL’s with Sykes.

thsays: hindi mapulitika dito, hmmm pero sahod e deceiving. hehehe

Meal and Transportation “Allowance”. From the word allowance which means it is non taxable… wrong!!! They tax it, you’ll be able to see it in a half sheet bond paper that they claim is their pay slip.

Lets go to the bonus, 40% of the performance bonus and 10% attendance.

how much ung monthly salary d2???? may sign-in bonus ba??

Gee, you do need some English lessons. Also, I think that you should not try another Call Senter – heck!

omg.. na tangap pa naman ako sa ip relay.. may job offer na ko.. pano kaya to..

I worked here before.. but to tell youi honestly, my ibang account dito na mahirap mapromote.. but infairness.. ilang months lang ako sa eper but nakapagpabrace na ko.. at madami narin akong naipon.. un lang

wow! i was really glad coz i passed the hiring process….. i was invited to attend the DIET training….(in fairness ang laki ng allowance $150 a day, oh i’m sorry, what i meant was PHP150—–given daily….at least may pamasahe ka na pauwi di ba).

meal & transpo allowance, 100 per day, meron k additional 150 pg ang shift mo starts or ends between 20 midnight and 1 am

the best! salary and training pa lang walang sinabi ang ibang call center!

Aminin nman ntin na super ok ang environment. I mean the working environment itself. Db? Hnd m mffeel n agent ka lng. Bsta ako nageenjoy ako s work ko.

Hi! I’m Gressielle Falsis and I urgently need employment. I have worked as private tutor in English for Primary and Secondary students. I was also employed as CSR for a US based Telephony service for over a year. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

hmm,., Umalis ako ir xe la na q pang-tuloy sa training. Hindi ako mabubuhay ng 9weeks sa allowance lang: 150phpn a day. Wala pang PST un ha. DIET lng un!

this company is the best. honestly.

I’ve read this thru my officemates who happened to read this dahil sa pasa pasa ng mga taga e-perf. I was not from e-perf but I have a comment not only on the policies of e-perf but also one of its client. Verizon Business OMG! Ang laki company sa U

on the client side of eperformax is Verizon Business, kuripot!

I’m one of the operator from ALLTEL Account of eperformax

Verizon is considered a TOP Company but getting Ep as its Vendor was one of its biggest mistakes.

just came here a while ago for an interview. the people and the place seem nice naman. esp the interviewer.. any advice for a new entrant like me? how much salary dot hey give for a csr?

I love this place guys. You’ll gonna feel that you’re ON! Sooooooooooo what! 🙂 – Jham here.

EPERF??? Panghuling rank ata nito sa mga call center. Verizon wats up with the management?

nice training…..

best company that I work for!! Training, compensation and benefits, wow!

got my regularization docs after a month..yeepee.. salary?one of the best i think.

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    I’m so very interested to be a callcenter agent in your company!

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