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Eptica is a global provider of multichannel customer interaction software largely based in the Singapore, US, France and UK. The company operates worldwide through its network of partners providing support through web self- service, chat, social customer service, email management, fax-letter-SMS and knowledge management for customer service. Eptica caters to some of the world’s largest brands, in 15 countries, including Dixons Carphone, Ageas Insurance Solutions, Debenhams, TUI, Virgin Holidays, Capita and Domestic & General.

Services Offered by Eptica

  • Linguistics Consulting - Eptica formed a dedicated Linguistic team with over 20 years’ of experience to develop the Eptica Linguistic Service from the acquired technology acquired in 2012. Eptica’s linguistic team analyzes interactions to quickly connect a customer to the appropriate agent. This will effectively bridge language barriers causing various issues on both the agent and the customer’s end.
  • Professional Services - Eptica solutions thrive to provide excellent customer service to consumers of clients associated with the company. The customer service team offers a full- service staff to act as an extension to the company’s current customer relations member. This expansion, made possible by increased collaboration between Eptica and the customers is ideal to achieve faster, accurate and reliable results.
  • Customer Support - Eptica Support provides exceptional technical assistance. The team is equipped with necessary information to assist customer in complex queries and issues. The main goal of the support team is to decrease customer effort in troubleshooting and resolving issues related to a specific product.
  • Training - Eptica ensures that every member of the support staff and the management team is highly trained to achieve a solution and find ways to achieve the solution. Eptica educates the employee with practical information necessary to provide efficient customer support.


  • Email Management - Email continues to be an essential channel for communication and customer service. This is also an essential channel to provide solutions for customer inquiry. The Eptica Email Management software will ensure appropriate, well-mannered and good-natured responses that allow a positive personal experience between the agent and the customer. This software will check the responses to ensure that email support team will provide a better quality answer at a faster rate and significantly lower cost.
  • Agent Knowledge Base - As the company believes in the phrase ‘Knowledge is a constantly evolving asset, it continuously provides activities that will allow the agents to exercise their use of the knowledge based resources recorded and developed by Eptica. These activities will provide valuable insights as to what the staff needs. This knowledge based resources will allow agents to quickly find answers to an issue through a flexible knowledge structure in an easy to navigate search engine.
  • Chat - Eptica Chat enables you to achieve more efficient sales, customer service and efficiency benefits by providing a chat platform with added intelligence. The chat service empowers agents to provide a competent customer assistance that stands out from other competitors. This software also allows agents to view other interactions made by the customer to different support channels.
  • Fax-Letters-SMS - Eptica Fax-Letters-SMS is specialized in managing the customers query. This service ensures that the queries sent through fax, scanned letters and text messages are sent to agents as inbound email to ensure faster customer assistance.
  • Self Service - Eptica Self Service ensures that answers and solutions to frequently asked questions and common issues are readily available to your web site. The customer’s to independently browse to the Eptica Self Service site to obtain answers to their current issues.
  • Social Media - With the deployment of the Eptica Social Media Interaction Management, you can interact with the customers and potential consumers on Social Media. This is an essential tool in customer service as the social media proved to be a viable tool for effective customer relations.
  • Enterprise Agent – Eptica Enterprise Agent is a digital interaction response system that allows more effective customer service by ensuring that people outside your contact service still deliver excellent customer service. This service will determine if the customer’s query should be handled by enterprise agents or a contact center expert.

Eptica provides a solution to almost all client necessities through wide ranged support channels making it one of the most effective support companies in the world.

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