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EuroAsia Executive Search

Posted on October 3, 2016 | No Comments on EuroAsia Executive Search

EuroAsia Executive Search was founded to attend to the raising demand for experienced managers in the Philippines. With more than 30 years of experience when it comes to the international recruitment, EuroAsia Executive Search perfectly understands and acknowledges that the local market usually fall off simply because it does not have international backgrounds.

EuroAsia Executive Search has a team that is comprised of professionals with impressive management experience in developing markets. The company understands that when the economy of the country is thriving, the labor market becomes more aggressive. Firms and institutions deem it necessary to raise their standards that leads to the outlines of recruitments that they are not really familiar with. This is where EuroAsia Executive Search comes in. With the company’s profound understanding of the projects and objectives of its clients, EuroAsia Executive Search is definitely in the best position to search for the right leader and help the clients grow.

EuroAsia Executive Search has a step by step process when it does recruitment for its clients. Here is how the team does it.

Advertisement. Suitable advertisement is utilized, which may be comprised of traditional media ads and social media optimization, as well as email marketing. EuroAsia Executive Search is connected to industry-specific firms to make the most out of disclosure and preference as required.

Searching the Database. EuroAsia Executive Search searches through its huge database for applicants that match the criteria.

Pre-Qualified Applicants are identified. The company categorizes the list of pre-selected applicants and stipulate the client with information about them, like the candidates’ ranking and profile description.

Initial Screening of the Applicants. By interviews, the team categorizes the candidates based on their profile – education and training record, accomplishments, wok experiences, as well as recommendation from colleagues and other relevant information.

Interview Process. The team then organizes an interview for these applicants with the client.

Presentation of Final Assessment and Selection. The company then presents the final documents, together with the full assessments on the applicants. The client then decides the selected applicant.

Offer and Negotiation. When the selection is done, the team helps the client during the offer and negotiation. EuroAsia Executive Search acts as the mediator to make sure that the match is right for both parties.

Search Closure. All of the applicants will be informed of the results professionally.

Integration. The company assists in the on-boarding of the chosen applicant into the workplace.

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