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E-way Business Philippines

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A current notion on call centers hold that one’s health is in danger due to the rampancy of night shifts to accommodate clients which are usually located in the US. Due to the large time difference between our country to theirs, this working scheme is unavoidable. If you are a budding call center agent who does not favor this kind of lifestyle and wants to live as a normal Filipino as possible, then E-way Business Inc. might just be the right company for you.

Established in 2004, E-Way Business Inc. is a Philippine based telemarketing company catering to major Australian market leaders in various niches such as Healthcare, food packaging, Beauty, First Aid and several other markets. E-Way Business Philippines has a combined capacity of 500 agents strong, both facilities being equipped with real-time, no-delay equipment used to communicate directly with its Australian clients.

The thing with this company is that there are several irresistible benefits that can be availed immediately upon employment. First off and definitely the most obvious perk is that since the company caters with Australian clients, the time difference is not that huge. The Philippines is only 2 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time and have the same time with the Australian Western Standard Time. This is why the company’s working hours start from 6:00 AM and ends at 4:00 pm and spans for only 5 days per week. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to become a call center agent as well as a normal working Filipino.

Another benefit that can be attained is the company’s focus on training. The trainers employed by E-Way Philippines are a mixture of competent international and local individuals who are set to equip the pool of employees in providing excellent services to clients. This is particularly a good opportunity for budding agents who want to grow and succeed in their respective careers.

Lastly, the company makes sure that its agents are provided with the best possible working environment. Alongside competitive compensation, healthcare benefits and commissions from sales, the company’s employee-centric work ethic is truly a unique sight to behold among BPO companies.

Due to these benefits that the employees enjoy, it is to nobody’s surprise that the company has seen unprecedented growth throughout the years due to increased productivity among the workforce. As of 2011, the company ranks 7,946th in the top corporations in the Philippines. This a huge leap compared to its ranking of 12,032 in the year 2010.

E-way Business Philippines call center office locations:

  • E-way Business Magallanes
    11/f DPC Place Building
    2322 Don Chino Roces Avenue
    Magallanes, Makati City
    Tel: (632) 844-4846
  • E-way Business Quezon City
    #217 Biak na Bato St.
    Brgy., Manresa, Quezon City
    Tel: (632) 412-5589

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