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Exclusive Calls Telemarketing

Established in 2008 by Mohsen “Mo” Amin in California, Exclusive Calls is a BPO firm specializing in contact services in which the value of human interaction is emphasized as a functional aspect of business. It believes that communication is an irreplaceable tool in the world of business and the foundation for every business relationship. More than just exceptional quality at an affordable rate, Exclusive Calls Philippines provides customized services and establishes partnership with every client it serves that will provide convenience and dependability. The company provides employees available to work for clients beyond the limits of time and place to take care of the hassles and headaches of managing people. it helps executives to have employees without the extra expenses that come with it such as overhead, benefits, taxes, salaries, bonuses, training, and more.

Exclusive Calls Telemarketing Inc. specializes in Outbound and inbound call center services such as Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Customer Service, Virtual Assistant, Sales Assistant, Administrative Services and Technical Support. It also specializes in providing virtual assistants and receptionist to handle administrative services in behalf of clients. it has a deep pool of professionals available to assist executives and companies with basic office work designed depending on one’s campaign and program goals. This service involves providing dedicated Virtual Receptionist/Assistant that can effectively guide phone calls, emails, and chats through to appropriate departments in your company. Exclusive Calls Philippines can also provide Messaging Center staffed with skilled representatives who can answer for customers at anytime of the day or night. This service ensures that your business is always connected to customers and ready to accommodate them any time of day throughout the year. In this way, there are no miscalls or lost opportunities.

At the core of Exclusive Calls operations is transparency. It ensures that clients know everything that is going on at all times to provide them with a system they can trust and depend on. This is achieved with its 24/7 back end access, accessible call recording, live call monitoring, Live chat, quick E-mail response, Call logs for auditing and evaluation, Screen sharing, direct phone call and long term partnership.

Corporate Headquarters of Exclusive Calls Telemarketing Inc. is located at : 9550 South Eastern Ave. Suite 253-68 Las Vegas, NV 89123 USA.

Exclusive Calls Philippines call center office location:

  • Exclusive Calls Laguna
    Zavalla 3, Tagapo
    Santa Rosa City
    Santa Rosa, Laguna
    Tel: +1 888-484-3515

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