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What to Expect During Hiring Process

One of the most in demand industries these days are business process outsourcing. There are lots of companies that even conduct job fairs and guarantee one day hiring process for applicants who wish to be part of the call center industry. You may be one of them – you also want to be a part of a dynamic industry which compensates fairly and where career growth is not only guaranteed but also quick. Do you already know what awaits you during the hiring process? Here is the general step by step hiring process in the BPO.

Submitting your resume. This is the most basic step in the hiring process of any industry out there. Although this is the basic, you should already start making a good impression. A resume with impressive background would look convincing enough that you are a candidate that is worth that phone call for the initial interview and that you mean serious business. Pack your resume with relevant information regarding your work experiences and attach that photo with the business look, and so when you submit it, either as you walk in or online, it will certainly be noticed.

Initial interview. So after you have impressed the human resource officer of your power resume, initial interview would follow. This is where you would be asked further regarding the information you put in your resume and a little bit more of something about yourself. This stage is not usually the make or break stage, but you are still expected to do your best. Make sure to wear business casual attire and put that confident smile so that the interviewer would see that you really mean business.

Call simulation. This stage could be optional for some company, but this may be necessary for others, especially if you are applying as an outbound call agent. Here you are being gauge on how well you converse over the phone with the customers. It is an advantage if you already have call center experience. If you are a newbie, don’t fret. Calm down because there would be spiels to read as you do the simulation.

Final interview. Usually this is just the formality. If you reached this stage, then you are most likely going to get hired. Normally the things discussed here are the essentials of the campaign where in you will be assigned, schedules and sometimes, you would get to speak with the client of the campaign.

Sound good and easy, right? Don’t stall upon applying. Prepare you resume now and start practicing your answers for the interview to ace that job.

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