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Extra Income for Call Center Agents

It never hurts when people try to earn extra income apart from one’s principal means of living. In fact, earning extra income should be encouraged considering how inflation of expenses out phases the rate of salary increases. What is important is that you do not shortchange the company you are working or find extra income from occupation that result to a conflict of interest. So what opportunities are there for call center agents to earn extra income? There are a lot.

For starters, one can engage in direct selling. There are many companies that actively recruit people for direct selling such as AVON, Natasha, Boardwalk, MSE and others. One simply needs to apply, get their brochure and start selling. Because one works in the office, one conveniently and immediately has a target market. Moreover, the products that these companies usually sell are products commonly needed by employees such as undergarments, perfumes, shoes, and shirts, among others. It also easy to sell, one simply hands over the brochure to friends and prospective buyers in the office, who can browse the items during their break. They can also call you or talk to you during your free time for any consultation of the products. List the orders, have someone to pick them up to your home, bring them back to the office and deliver them to your clients during breaks.

Another convenient business that one can undertake is selling cellphone loads, which is currently selling like pancakes. Cell phone loads have become a regular commodity much like electricity and water because practically every one in the office including the janitors and the cigarette vendor outside your office has their own cell phones. The loading business is also convenient. One simply needs to bring a cellphone to bring your business along. Transaction like buying load and selling load can also be conveniently done by texting.

Capitalize on your talents and skills. If you are into singing, you can opt to be a part time wedding singer. If you are a great host considering your great communication skills, then be a part time host. If you are a great writer, then take on part time writing jobs. If you are a great dancer, then be a part time dance instructor. If you are good tutor, then be a part time English tutor for Koreans. The key to all these endeavors is proper network and proper time management. The former is needed for you to have the right contact to land in those part time jobs.

For instance, as a part time dance instructor, you should have friends who are also works as a D.I. who can invite you if they need additional personnel for a gig. The latter on the other hand pertains to scheduling. Apparently, you work 5 or 6 days a week 8 hours a day and you should check your schedule if you can make it to attend to those part time jobs.

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