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EY Global Delivery Service

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Ernst and Young (EY) is one of the leading accounting firms in the world. Along with Deloitte, KMPG, and PWC, Ernst and Young the four were heralded as part of the “Big 4” of accounting. Providing quality services like Financial Statement Audit, Fraud Investigation Dispute, and Financial Accounting Advisory, you will be in safe hands with Ernst and Young. Ernst and Young will take care of your finances and all the intricacies of accounting so you can focus on your businesses rather than the status of your finance.

The company’s goal is to build a better working world wherein every business has a level playing field with even chances for success. Ernst and Young dreams to be the driving force behind the growth of businesses it has served through the quality of service it provides. Here at Ernst and Young, the company believes that every client is special and has what it takes to survive the grueling world of business.

Ernst and Young is aiming to globally dominate the market through its accounting services. The company is taking all the necessary steps to provide its clients the best possible support for all of their demands. Just recently, Ernst and Young branched out for their own delivery service in the Philippines. With the company’s goal and vision and mind, EY Global Delivery Service aims to provide excellence in customer service for the clients of their mother company to not only make a name for itself but also, enhance the reputation of Ernst and Young.

Here at EY Global Delivery Service, the company and its agents take pride in providing only the best support for their clients’ customers. EY Global Delivery Service works hand in hand with its mother company to provide the right amount of service for their clients. With their preferences in mind, agents of EY Global Delivery Service will be more than ready for accepting your call and taking the challenge of answering your questions and providing solutions for your problems. The company banks on its goal-oriented employees to keep Ernst and Young’s vision and mission in mind in their daily work lives.

EY Global Delivery Service call center office address:

  • EY Global Makati
    7th/flr SGV Building I
    6760 Ayala Avenue
    1226 Makati City

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