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F & A Outsourcing Hub Philippines

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F & A Outsourcing Hub Philippines is a BPO company established by an assembly of senior finance executives from the banking industry and information technology management in 2007 after years of in depth research and strategic planning. The company is principally designed to provide finance and accounting manpower needs of local companies in the Philippines. With its successful and fruitful five years in operation however, F & A Hub has extended its services to various industries including Healthcare, Retail industry as well as foreign BPO companies.

The major outsourcing service provided by F&A Hub Human Resources Solutions. This is particularly designed for companies requiring project based employees. F & A Outsourcing Hub regular staff is made available to perform the duties particularly on the finance and accounting processes. It also provides accounting and finance consultancy services to clients. Lately, with the expansion of outsourced services, F & A Hub also helped in providing other financial processing services including accounting solutions from Accounts Payables and Receivables management, Fixed Assets Management, Reconciliation and cash management, Expense Claims Processing, opening new books of accounts, Employee Administration Services, Payroll Management, Employee Data Posting, Payables and Liquidations as well as general bookkeeping.

Part of its human resource solutions is Recruitment Process Outsourcing and talent acquisition. The former pertains to the search for experienced professionals and conducting a rigid selection process to find right candidates that matches the client’s requirements in terms of skills as well as personality. The latter on the other hand pertains to the active deployment of professionals from the company’s pool of well trained and experienced finance and accounting experts. The people underwent training conducted by F & A Outsourcing Hub as well, which included a review of general accounting, the embrace of the right value and principles and development of key competencies to be financial gurus.

F & A Outsourcing Hub Philippines call center office address:

  • F&A Hub Ortigas
    1906 Jollibee Plaza
    F. Ortigas Jr. Road Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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