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FactSet Philippines

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FactSet has grown into a big company for they have the ability and capability to serve their customers the very best and quality at its best. The company has the evolution and opportunity of a start-up with the steadiness of a well-established business. FactSet Philippines continues to maintain the procedures without any debt and has posted earnings per share growth each quarter over the past years of their operations in the business. Staffs of the company have reach the level of highest growth in terms of success in their career is concern. They are well taken care of by the company, because they are the source of the companies success and because of this, they are given the best benefits every staffs and employee deserves. Being able to give the agents the best benefits and pay, in return they give their best in servicing the clients of the FactSet Philippines.

When it comes to the services, FactSet Philippines best provides to their technology. In Engineering, they are fundamental part of the FactSet Philippines success. The engineering teams are occupied with highly motivated, tremendously talented individuals who acquire creative solutions using the cutting-edge-technology of every business. The software engineering in FactSet is treated like an art. By means of simplicity, elegance with a motivating solid business purpose is their common theme of everything that is established at the company. Because of the companies success the FactSet Philippines is now hiring for their Engineer Department the Content Collection, here they will do the task in terms of collecting exclusive company data. The team will work on different databases and are accountable for researching, adding, parsing, storing and updating abundant financial information that are beneficial to the investors.

FactSet Pacific main office is located at Tokyo Japan, FactSet Sales and Consulting Ote Center Building 14th floor 1-1-3-Otemachi Chiyoda-Ku, in Tokyo Japan. In the Philippines, FactSet call center is located in:

  • FactSet McKinley
    8F Commerce and Industry Plaza
    Campus Avenue cor. Park Avenue
    McKinley Hills, Taguig City


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