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Famous Brands for Call Center Agents

Call center agents are known because of their high paying jobs, and most of them are actually living up the saying your lifestyle follows your salary. Indeed, when it comes to fashion, food and leisure, there are some brands that stand out among call center employees. Let’s take a look at these brands and if you are a call center agent, or used to be, maybe you’ve had some of these.

Converse Sneakers. Not everyone is addicted to Havaianas, for there are some chics (and guys, too) who would rather wear Converse sneakers to work. Different colors are also a must, though the reds, the blacks and the whites are pretty dominant. The dirtier the better. What’s more, you can wear them with jeans or skirt, depending on your mood.

Yellow Cab. Birthday pizza has become a tradition in most companies. Albeit the existence of Shakey’s and Domino’s, Yellow Cab pizza simply became more famous when it came to call center pizza delivery. It is not clear why. Maybe because it’s the pizza place that’s usually available for delivery twenty-four-seven, or maybe the pizza sizes are indeed for parties. Whatever the reason is, when you come to the operations floor and there’s pizza smell, you’d automatically think Yellow Cab.

Havaianas. Though most call center companies do not uphold strict dress code policy, there are some that do not allow employees go to work in slippers and flip flops. Things is, even if that is the case, ladies can’t just get enough of this flip flop brand, in different colors and styles and flaunt them in the carpeted operations floor. Almost everybody’s wearing Havaianas to work, from supervisors to agents who wanted to get comfy during the long night shift.

Starbucks. Who would not love coffee during the long hours of an evening shift? Three-in-one coffee mix in the pantry might be good enough, just for the sake of fighting the dozing off, but who’s to say no to Starbucks? Yes – and almost all call center companies have Starbucks nearby that’s open twenty-four-seven. Management also loves giving out Starbucks gift certificates to top agents. Aside from that, brace yourself during Christmas season for agents are going to have the same planners for next year courtesy of Starbucks.

There are lot more prominent brands that you can see in a call center agents’ work stations, but these are pretty much the brands that truly stand out.

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