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FBC Business Solutions

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FBC Business Solutions is a subsidiary of the FBC Group of Companies, which provides shared service solutions for customer relationship management, contact center services (inbound support calls, answering services) and backoffice procedures (virtual assistant services, accounting/bookkeeping and booking travel arrangements, among others). The FBC group of companies is established in 2007 and is involved in various business including span energy, food, and banking. Aside from FBC Business Solutions, it is composed of Support Zebra which provides customer support for E-Commerce companies, FBC Worldwide, which is an exclusive importer of food products, FBC Productions which is engaged in producing concerts and other performances of top local and international artists, and FBC Development Corporation which is in business of acquiring and development commercial real estate properties. FBC Philippines is also known for brands like Green Gold Gourmet, Cheding’s Peanuts and Cebu Grace Food Products.

FBC Business Solutions as explicitly described is an outsourcing company that provides business outsourcing solutions for companies including the provision of Virtual Assistants for SMEs and entrepreneurs, accounting services (general accounting, book keeping, accounts receivable and payable management, debt collection and financial analysis, among others), Inbound Support (help desk assistance, technical support, customer service support), outbound services (sales, telemarketing, lead generation, customer acquisition and retention, and other campaigns, Legal/Parelegal Services and Transcription services.

As a service company, FBC Business Solutions believes that it is only as good as its people. In lieu of which, the company conducts a rigorous and selective hiring process to ensure that it able to get only the best employees to bring about the best service that the company can offer. Employees also undergo a thorough continuous training program to regularly update their skills and be responsive to the changing demands of international clients.

FBC Group of Companies is headquartered in 2929 Mckinney St. Houston, Texas USA. The delivery center in the Philippines is located Cagayan de Oro City.

  • FBC Worldwide Business Solutions
    #77 2/F CUI Building
    San Pedro Gusa Nat’l Highway
    Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

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