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FCR in Call Center

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FCR or First Call Resolution is a measure of relative success for a single call center interaction. More specifically, it refers to properly or successfully addressing a customer’s concern or handling a customer requests the first time they call, thus eradicating the need for the customer to make a second follow up call. FCR is often expressed as a percentage of the overall interaction volume.

First Call Resolution is one of the most common and important operational metrics in a call center. Basically, call centers would want to increase their FCR rate which is can be attributed to many factors such as complexity and types of calls handles, the experience and quality of agents handling calls as well as the tools or process of a call center office.

To improve FCR rate, it is necessary to evaluate the different aspects of the company operation that contribute or influence to the customer’s contact experience including processes, technology, agent training, coaching programs and other issues or barriers that hamper higher FCR.

There are different approaches to improve first call resolution. One approach is by identifying repeat contacts across all channels and identifying the most common issues and their corresponding root causes that elicit customers to contact or call the call center more than once. This can be achieved by tracking the customers, actions and conversations in the recorded dialogue. Through this, managers can identify issues or problems that cause second calls and make the real, effective and immediate corrective action to address the problem.

One can also analyze customer profiles and segment them into types so that the company can identify and predict contact patterns. In this way, the company can anticipate needs in advance and make the necessary adjustment in service that can immediately address anticipated arising issues. Addressing the problem may sometimes entail a re-evaluation of policies and processes, which is ineffectual in meeting customer requirements. Finally, assessment should also be made so that QA managers can identify agent weaknesses and conduct the necessary coaching or proper training to improve employee.

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