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Filipinism Examples

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“Filipinisms” are English words or phrases resulting from the literal translation of Filipinos of English terms. They may not be necessarily grammatically incorrect but may not be comprehensible to native English speakers.

A good example of Filipinism is the phrase “major major” as popularized by Miss Philippines Venus Raj, 4th runner-up in Miss Universe 2010. While the term “major major” may not necessarily be grammatically incorrect, it cannot be understood by native English speakers. The term was a result of the Filipino habit of repeating words to put emphasis or increase superlative intensity of a word like “sobra sobra”, puti-puti, bait-bait, among many others. Hereunder are more examples of Filipinisms that are most commonly used in the Call center industry.

Come again – Can you please repeat that? Pardon me?
Bottomless – Refillable
Next next week – Week after next
Cope up – cope with
Napkin – Tissue
Connected with – Associated with
It’s for free! – It’s free of charge
Hold your line/for a while – Please hold
Open/close the computer – Turn on/turn off the computer
Take out/Take home – To go
Aircon – air conditioner or AC
Na – already e.g. I got “na” the results
Fall in line – Stand in line, form a line
CR – Toilet or rest room
Rubber shoes – Sneakers
Xerox – Photocopy
Hand carry – Carry – on luggage
Course – major

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