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Financial Account Spiels for Call Center

Agents selling financial services and products heavily reply on prospecting sales spiels designed to help one get a new prospect and a new customer. Spiels pertain to a memorized speech by an agent use to initiate a conversation, greet clients and influence customers. Similar to a salesman, the spiel of an agent is intended to get their foot in the door so to speak, which can be focused on getting an appointment for the presentation of their services. It is performed as a slick talk for introducing or promoting a product for the end objective of persuading a customer to avail of said product or service.

Just like other spiels, scripts for a financial account starts with a greeting and a brief introduction of oneself. While the delivery of spiels is influenced by the innate abilities and personal charisma of a person, agents should not merely memorize the script because they would sound robotic and monotonous in uttering the script. This can be done by internalizing the script which means understanding and committing oneself to what the script means. For instance, saying good morning should be heart felt else it would merely sound programmed to a customer.

Spiels vary from product to product. However there are certain general techniques which one can use in formulating their financial account spiels. Asking the right questions should be part of the script. Questions are used for establishing rapport with customers because it forces them to reply and interact with agents. Moreover, leading questions allow agents to determine what clients or prospects want. At this point, the questions should be aimed of knowing what is most important or what is needed by clients, from which the agent derives a script that addresses or satisfies what is needed or what is important. Thirdly, the spiel should choose the right terms or words to make its message clear and to positively empower the prospective customer.

For instance, many people are allergic to the terms cost or price and down payment. Thus, instead of using these words, the spiel should instead use total investment and initial investment respective. Contract is another term that is terrorizing because of its legal repercussions. The term agreement makes it more friendly and sociable. Another petrifying term to customers is buy and sell. Thus, the spiel must instead use “own”. For instance, instead of saying we are selling this product, the spiel should instead be, “you can own this product”.

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