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Your First Day as a Call Center Agent

It’s your first time to work in a call center. Most probably, you will be undergoing intensive one to two month training before you are actually assigned on the floor to receive real calls. This part of the job is important because it will allow you to have an initial feel of what it’s like working in a call center. The training is usually conducted at night to allow trainee to adjust to the night shift in most call center companies. Here are a few tips on your first night at work.

Get enough sleep. To have the energy and vitality for tonight’s work or training, once should try to get enough rest or sleep in the day to maintain an active and lively temperament up until the next morning. Don’t let your excitement or your regular day routine get in the way to your sleep. This is also a time for learning how to adjust to the night life.

Dress casual and presentable. First impressions last. Looking too rugged and rough or looking too glamorous and fashionista may not give the right impression to people. Besides, these appearances do not impress a welcoming disposition. Instead, it tends to solicit judgment or criticism.

Bring a jacket. Most companies have super cool air conditioners – too cold for one to be comfortable unless one wears a jacket.

Be friendly. Agents are often hired in batches and the group to where you belong will most probably become your teammate, and future colleagues with whom you will be spending the next months or years in the job. These people can help you grow along the way hence it is best to try to get along with as many co trainees as you can. One way to achieve this is to wear a smile and by being open and courteous to everyone.

Don’t take anything personally. If there is one thing first time workers must learn, it is not taking things personally. One should learn how to act and not react. This means maintaining once cool, casual and friendly demeanour regardless of the heinous attitude of anyone at work – whether another trainee, employee, trainer, supervisor, and most of all the customer. Try to think that everything is business.

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