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First Sumiden Circuits

Posted on September 11, 2017 | No Comments on First Sumiden Circuits

First Sumiden Circuits is one of the leading providers of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) in the world. Since the commencement of its business in the Philippines in 1998, First Sumiden Circuits has become the foremost company when it comes to delivering quality products for tech companies to use in their own merchandise. Given its sustained growth and quality, First Sumiden Circuits is clearly on its way to dominating the industry.

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) that are produced by First Sumiden Circuits is in a league of its own in terms of quality and durability. These FPCs are one of the primary materials that are used in current-gen devices like Cellphones, Personal Computers, and Video Cameras among others.

First Sumiden Circuits’ products serve a vital part in shaping the devices that’ll be manufactured by your favorites brand for consumption. With that in mind, the company’s products undergo a tedious quality check process to ensure the quality that First Sumiden Circuits’ FPCs are known for.

The company prides itself in playing a huge for the current technology wave that’s sweeping the world; it empowers First Sumiden Circuits to scrutinize its products even more for the best possible FPC for your device.

Innovation doesn’t stop for First Sumiden Circuits. The company is hell-bent in discovering further advancements to their Flexible Printed Circuits. First Sumiden Circuits isn’t content on staying in its comfort zone. It wants to continue to develop and improve its craft while serving better products for manufacturers and consumers to use.

The vision for First Sumiden Circuits is to dominate the industry for Flexible Printed Circuits. The company wants its products to be the gold standard when it comes to quality and innovation that the industry will try to imitate. First Sumiden Circuits will constantly improve in spite of the ever-changing technological world that will be both beneficial to the company and its customers.

First Sumiden Circuits office location:

  • First Sumiden Laguna
    Ampere St. Cor. Main Ave.
    Light Industry and Science Park
    Cabuyao, Laguna

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