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FirstSource Solutions

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FirstSource Solutions is an inventive supplier of customer centered business process services. It a vast network of 48 delivery centers strategically located across the US, UK, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. The company provides consultancy services and outsourcing solutions to companies from the Healthcare, Communication, Publishing, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries. FirstSource Solutions services such as Customer relationship Management, Data management and Processing and Collections are accompanied and balanced with the most advanced and proven business model practices, intellectual property (IP) assets, as well as superior service clients for taking customer satisfaction at the highest level, optimizing costs, facilitating the most efficient and fastest system operations and allowing clients to focus on their core competencies.

FirstSource Philippines adopts the Rightshore delivery model in which the 70% employees are located onshore while the remaining 30% offshore. Through this, client proximity allows the company better understanding of the market, better proximity to effectively respond and address to changes. At the moment, FirstSource serves 80% of the credit card issuers in the US and the leading issuer of prepaid debit card. It serve the largest retail bank and mortgage lender in the United Kingdom including top 3 auto insurer. Finally, it also provide services to the top 5 banks in India. First Source Solutions also services five of the top health insurance companies in the US. Finally, in terms of telecommunications and Media, FirstSource also serves that top mobile/wireless companies, broadband, hi speed internet service provider, and satellite TV operations in the US, UK, Australia and India.

FirstSource Solutions provides ground-breaking, value added and comprehensive business process services that supports the customer lifecycle through a combination of profound knowledge, tactical affiliations and core capabilities supported by the precise technology. Customer Management services ranges from customer acquisition, care and complaints management. Collections included financial, healthcare and education collection plus data processing.

For career opportunities, please visit FirstSource Philippines Job Openings.

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