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FIS Global Solutions

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FIS (Fidelity Information Services) Global Solutions is an international technology provider to the banks and financial companies offering a diverse array of solutions for the widest range of financial markets to help them all succeed. It aims to enhance profitability of the company today and reinforce their power to manage whatever comes in the future. For its contribution is the banking system, FIS Global was named world’s number one financial technology provider by the American Banker and Financial Insights.

FIS Global Solutions was originally founded Systematics in 1968 as Systematics. It was acquired in 1990 by ALLTEL Information Services along with Computer Power, Inc. (CPI). The financial services division of ALLTEL Information was then acquired by an insurance giant called Fidelity National Financial during which its name Fidelity Information Services or FIS was generated. The company continued its expansion rampage through acquisition of financial services technology firms such as Hamilton & Sullivan, WebTone Technologies, Aurum Technologies, Kordoba GmbH & Co. St. Petersburg, eFunds and Metavante among others to establish itself as the most dominant player in the financial services technology.

Today, FIS Global Solutions offers the most complete technology based financial services that marks modern banking including Stored-value cards and processing, payment card transaction services, Electronic bill payment services, check and credit card verification, Debit processing, settlement and fulfillment, Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing, Electronic funds transfer (EFT), ATM services and card fraud detection services.

As the largest technology provider to the global financial industry, FIS Global Solutions Philippines offers products and services that maintains the competitive positions of banks in the industry, implement a client cross-sales business model for developing enduring relationships, expand globally and introduce that transition of new markets to the most advance banking systems and practices and serve different market segments from community banking to international banking.

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