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Floating Status on Call Center

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Complicated. This is one word to describe how hard is working in a call center. There could be accounts which would work with a BPO company. But no matter how many these companies are, there are times that the number of employees is still greater than the work available in the call center company.

Whenever there are new changes, the employees have to deal with the prerogatives imposed by the company. There is no way that an employee could say ‘No’ to these changes especially if he or she is just a probationary. In some cases, even the tenured worker has to deal with these changes.

When does an employee assigned on floating status?

An employee or a call center agent could be assigned on a floating status whenever the account held by that agent is not working anymore with the BPO Company. This is inevitable; especially the BPO companies are only working with other companies which favor their clients only. At the end of the day, the call center agents have no choice aside from this.

Floating status is given in order to transfer a call center agent to another account or position. If there is already a new account, that agent is, again, a regular working employee.

What does floating status imply?
This only implies that the given call center company is not that stable in providing jobs for their agents. This is a big challenge in the field of BPO industry because this field has to provide resources and jobs for their tenured employees. Aside from that, there should always be a regular job for regular employees in order to keep up with their daily living. A few months of floating status without pay destroys a family’s budget. This applies to all industries that have serious problems like this.

In addition, an aspiring call center agent who wants to settle in this industry should be keener in searching for a good company. It has to be taken into consideration that one’s means of living should not be compromised because of the accounts handled by a BPO Company.

If you are a call center who wishes to be more stable, be a dynamic applicant who is open for other doors of opportunities. Do not stick to limited options and other stuff. Be considerate to other opportunities that might be in front of you already.

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